2109 Entry: Climate Change, The Wheel of (mis)Fortune. Winner of the Community Award!


Winner of the COMMUNITY AWARD:
Madeline Island Wilderness Preserve with Wheel of Misfortune

From Annual Newsletter in preparation for parade entry:

2019 thumbnail.png

I have wanted to do a float about climate change for the last five years, but it’s a tough one: complicated, data dense, and above all not very funny. But climate change is the granddaddy of environmental issues, and this year we are going to take the plunge, at least in a small way.

The 2019 entry makes the statement that climate change causes crazy, random weather; the float will be loosely based on Wheel of (mis)Fortune, complete with Mother Nature and Vanna White (I think).

Because I know you will want to join us for this one, costumes are easy: just wear a bathing suit and a heavy winter parka, a flip-flop on one foot and a snow boot on the other, a snorkel mask and a heavy winter hat, whatever you’ve got.

All 2- and 4-legged species are welcome as long as they are dressed appropriately. Plan to meet at the marina 30 minutes before parade time (the parade usually starts at 10:30 AM, but check with the Chamber of Commerce) under the MIWP banner.

For questions, call Toria Erhart at 715-747-2277 in early July.