Invasive Species Management Plan and Mapping in 2013

2013 Map of Invasive Species on Madeline Island

2013 Map of Invasive Species on Madeline Island

In 2013 MIWP and the Town of La Pointe jointly hired two invasive species interns (Ethan Rossing for 5 months, Stephen Thielking for two months). MIWP donated $10,000 outright, and $15,000 from a Wisconsin DNR grant, as well as housing for the interns and intern management.

The interns concentrated on mapping invasive species; cutting buckthorn and barberry; landowner involvement and education; and a comprehensive five year plan.

Click here to see the resulting Invasive Species Management Plan for Madeline Island in a new tab. The document includes pictures and descriptions of the invasive species, as well as background information, and a management plan for each species.

The maps for each species are included below: