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Nothing Like Them on Earth – Unique forms of Lake Trout and Whitefish of Lake Superior

  • Madeline Island Museum 226 Colonel Woods Avenue La Pointe, WI, 54850 (map)

Nothing Like Them on Earth – Unique forms of Lake Trout and Whitefish of Lake Superior

August 7th, Wednesday
Madeline Island Museum

Free and Open to the Public

Titus Seilheimer, PhD Fisheries Specialist, Wisconsin Sea Grant

Titus Seilheimer with big fish.png

Lake Superior is a unique freshwater system with diverse habitat, extreme depths, and relatively few human impacts.

Since the glaciers receded, lake trout and several species in the whitefish family (such as deep water ciscoes), have had the opportunity to diversify in their forms and habitat use.

Journey from the deeps of Lake Superior to the shallows and all the places in between.


Titus Seilheimer, PhD Fisheries Specialist, University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute.

Titus joined the Wisconsin Sea Grant Advisory Services team in December of 2012 and is based in UW Sea Grant’s Manitowoc Office, on the UW-Manitowoc campus. Titus holds a Ph.D. in biology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, where he studied fish habitat in Great Lakes coastal wetlands. Before accepting his position with Wisconsin Sea Grant, Titus worked as a research ecologist for the U.S. Forest Service’s Northern Research Station in St. Paul, Minnesota, developing water quality models for the Western Great Lakes. He also led research on fish habitat in springs and the classification of river flow regimes at Oklahoma State University, and he assessed the impacts of flow regime change on fish assemblages at Cornell University.


This program is made possible by the generous support of the Apostle Islands Area Community Fund.