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Facing the Challenges of Mining, Resource Supply and Environmental Stewardship in a Changing World

  • Madeline Island Museum 226 Colonel Woods Avenue La Pointe, WI, 54850 (map)

Facing the Challenges of Mining, Resource Supply and Environmental Stewardship in a Changing World

August 21st, Wednesday
Madeline Island Museum

Free and Open to the Public

Dr. Tom Fitz, Professor of Geosciences at Northland College


Large quantities of mineral resources are in demand by the growing human population, particularly in developing countries. Additionally, the construction of new energy systems such as wind turbines and solar panels require large quantities of mineral resources around the world.

As demand for resources continues to increase so does the need for environmental stewardship in an increasingly crowded world. Meeting the demands of resource supply and environmental stewardship present challenges that must be faced in a responsible manner.

Professor Fitz will discuss possible solutions to these issues at the local and global scale.


Tom Fitz 
Professor of Geoscience, Northland College
PhD University of Delaware
MS University of Minnesota
BS St. Lawrence University

Background: I enjoy the dedication of the students, faculty, and staff at Northland College. The friendly atmosphere they create makes my experience here that much more enjoyable. One of my favorite aspects of being a professor is reading recent geologic literature and keeping up with our increasing understanding of the Earth. I am doing my part by researching the history of some of the local bedrock–the Mellen Gabbro near Mellen, Wisconsin.

Why Northland: Students receive a special education at Northland College made possible by small class sizes, the dedication and excitement in the faculty, the emphasis on experimental learning and field work, the small size of the college, and the friendly atmosphere on campus. The setting in the beautiful Lake Superior region is also valuable. I was attracted to my field of study by the amazing stories recorded in rocks and earth history.

Personal Interests: I enjoy outdoor activities–especially bicycling, canoeing, and cross-country skiing.
— Tom Fitz, PhD

This program is made possible by the generous support of the Apostle Islands Area Community Fund.