2012 Parade Entry: First Place, Adult Float Division


I am so proud of us. Working with a 2012 Fourth of July Parade concept that had very little visual appeal (Zebra mussels? Slimy little underwater things that don’t do anything? Except reproduce, and you can’t show that in a G-rated parade, can you?), we turned it into a visual feast:  lots of black and white zebras with attitude and bad puns, and the centerpiece, the quintessential good-vs-evil: a boxing match between Bad King Zebra Mussel and Lake Superior herself. Fought cleanly, I might add. For this we were rewarded with a first-place (Adult Float Division) prize and another year to strut, just a little.


The Concept Announced in Spring of 2012: Wilderness Preserve Flexes Mussels at  4th of July Parade

For the 2012 parade, we take on some of the baddest of the bad invasives: Zebra mussels! Known for cute stripes and clinging on to boats, Zebra mussels won’t stand a chance against the might of the MIWP. As always, I have no idea exactly what we will be doing, but I have a strong sense it will involve some very bad puns. Please join us. Costumes are easy: a set of modestly tight white long-johns (the stripes and the “muscles” will be supplied). Meet at the marina under the MIWP banner one half hour prior to parade time (the parade usually starts at 10:30 AM, but check with the Chamber of Commerce). Children and dogs with a flair for the dramatic are welcome.