2018 Entry: Grand Sweepstakes Winner! The Year of the Bird (aka The Crow Bar)

We won the Grand Sweepstakes award yet again! Thanks to the planners and participants! What fun!


From the Annual Newsletter, 2019

by Victoria Erhart

I blush. I mean, really, how is it possible to have won the Madeline Island Fourth of July parade Grand Sweepstakes three times in a row? I know that our entry, “2018: The Year of the Bird”, was pretty cool, with some familiar large birds masquerading as celebrities, not to mention a few swanky exotics (Reese Witherspoonbill, anyone?), but the highlight had to be the float itself: The Crow Bar, a realistic pub packed with massive corvids, all Picking Up Chicks. A million thanks to Eric who spent two hours on each one of those incredible crow masks. My debt grows bigger every year.

From the Annual Newsletter January, 2018

Dancing Crane left.png

The theme for the 2018 parade remains elusive, although I am leaning towards something about Madeline Island birds (difficult costumes!). Sometimes this happens, inspiration flags. But inspiration responds very positively to deadlines, and whatever we choose to do, I guarantee we will have the same social commentary, environmental advocacy, and thigh-slapping good humor you have come to expect from a MIWP float. As always, we hope that you will join us.

Dogs, children, and well-behaved adults are welcome. Meet at the Marina 30 minutes before parade time (the parade usually starts at 10:30 AM, but check with the Chamber of Commerce) under the MIWP banner. For questions, comments, compliments or concerns, call Victoria Erhart at 715-747-2277 in early July.

Dancing Crane right.png
Dancing Cranes.png