Mushrooms of Madeline Island: Lecture, Hike and ID with Tavis Lynch - Wow!


Tavis Lynch, mushroom forager and expert extraordinaire,
spoke on the identification of mushrooms
(edible, poisonous and deadly)
at the August 28th evening lecture.

The next morning Tavis led participants
on a mushroom foraging and ID hike
on the Capser and Nucy Meech Trails
in the Madeline Island Wilderness Preserve.

What an interesting morning:
edible mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms,
minuscule mushrooms with “eyelashes”,
and what colors — wow!

Here are Tavis’ recommended books:

Mushrooms of the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada— Baroni

Mushrooms of the Midwest— Kuo/Methven

The Complete Mushroom Hunter— Lincoff

100 Edible Mushrooms— Kuo

Mushrooms Demystified— Arora

Mushrooms of North America— Philips

Anything from Bessette/Bessette